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Contact the Team, express your goals, and schedule your consultation.

Allow the Team to tour the property and take photos for evaluation purposes.

(These photos are only for evaluation purposes and will NOT be available to the public.) 

Once the Team has toured your property they will then run a COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS and provide you with a detailed report of the evaluation along with a projected timeline of events. (A Comparative Market Analysis is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold.)


After you have reviewed the report, contact the Team to discuss any recommendations listed, have questions or concerns addressed, and set up a time to sign your listing agreement documents.


Once the details have been ironed out PLATINUM CIRCLE will hire a professional listing photographer as a courtesy of the Team and will coordinate an ideal time between YOU, the Team, and the photographer for the optimal photo-shoot. (Professional listing photos have a turn-around time between 2-6 days

depending on the size of the property & availability.)

As the photographer is taking photos the team will be taking measurements of the property's square footage, placing a for sale sign in the yard, and finally adding a lockbox for other agents to gain access to the property for showings.

While waiting on the property photos to come back the Team can plan your property's showing schedule with you and coordinate your preferences with their showing service SHOWINGTIME. It could be as simple as a GO-and-SHOW for a vacant property that buyer's could tour at anytime! The team can also arrange appointment requests to provide extra notice time for buyers to schedule a tour to better accommodate family, pets, or even extra time to tidy up if needed.

After the Team receives the listing photos your home will then be ready to go live on the the market! The market consists of the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by the majority of your local real estate agents in Knoxville & surrounding areas. In addition, your property will filter through our MLS to over 70 popular websites buyers use including &


Once your home is active on the market you will begin to receive showing requests through our showing service. If you have chosen a GO-and-SHOW status you will receive an FYI notification from the showing service. If you have chosen to have prior notice and are occupying the home, you will have the ability to confirm the appointment or have it rescheduled to a more convenient time for you to leave your property allowing potential buyers to tour the property with their buyer's agent. After buyers have been able to tour the home, their agent will recieve a feedback form in which they will be able to provide us with feedback on their opinion of the property and potential interest or concern.

The Team will keep you informed of feedback, market-shifts, and marketing approaches while you wait to receive an offer. Once an offer comes in the Team will contact you to review the terms and details. You will be presented with 3 options: ACCEPT, REJECT, or COUNTER. The Team will offer their advice on the best way to proceed.

Once you accept an offer your home will go into a pending status on the MLS and other websites. This will show other buyers that you have accepted a contract. Depending on the terms of the contract you can expect to wait anywhere from 2-8 weeks (sometimes more under special circumstances and negotiations) before the official closing. During this time title work will be prepared to transfer ownership and buyers will have any inspections done that have been agreed upon in the purchase contract. Some buyers may request repairs or concessions for any defects to the property, withdrawl their offer, or agree to accept the property as-is within the agreed upon time-frame within the purchase contract to satisfy an inspection contingency. After the inspection period there may be an appraisal of the property as well depending on the contracted agreement. (For more information on the buying process click the BUYERS link at the top of the website.)

After all contingencies, inspections, and title requirements have been fulfilled, the buyers for your home will have the clear to close! Prior to closing the buyers will have one last opportunity to have a final walk through of the the property to make sure everything is as agreed upon per the sales contract before signing any final closing documents. After the final walk through takes places you can finally head to the closing table to finalize the process. At this time all keys and garage door openers will be given to the buyers upon completion of signing all closing documents and successful fund transfers. This process will take place at an agreed upon title company. 

Upon the completion of the closing process you can now celebrate!

For more detailed information on home buying or preparing for the process, please view our resources page for links to articles and information.



If you need to be connected to a mortgage lender, title company, home inspector, attorney, etc., please view our PC Referral Network page and fill out a form with your request and the Team will respond to your request in a timely manner based on your personalized needs.

If you have any questions about the process feel free to request information by contacting the Team through your preferred method of communication. 

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