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Contact the Team, express your goals, and schedule your consultation.

After you have had your first consultation with the Team whether in person or over the phone, they will give you clarity on when you can begin to tour potential homes within your budget. The Team will send you available listings from the local Multiple Listing Service (The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is used by the majority of your local real estate agents in Knoxville & surrounding areas for real estate sales). If you come across a home you like on your own let the Team know and they can try to schedule a showing for you. Once you have a few potentials selected, the Team can setup a showing schedule for you to view the selected potentials. 

While you are touring homes with Platinum Circle, be sure to point out features you really like about some of the potentials. It is okay to give honest feedback if there are concerns or dislikes with any of the potentials as well. This will help the Team have a better idea of how to help you find the one. 

MArble Countertops

dated kitchen


After you have spent time touring homes with the Team (This process all depends on your personalized timeline you will set with the Team at your initial consultation) and have decided on one you would like to make an offer on, the Team will begin to write up a Purchase and Sale Agreement based on the terms you decide on with the Team. 

Upon submitting an offer you will wait for the Team to notify you of the seller's response. They should notify you within your response deadline (You and the Team will provide a deadline in the offer  contract) or shortly after. The seller will have the option to REJECT, ACCEPT, or COUNTER your offer. The Team will discuss the options with you and advise you on the best way to move forward. 

Once your offer is accepted you can meet with the Team to turn in your Earnest Money Deposit and discuss getting your home inspection scheduled. For a loan to have a clear to close on a pending home it must pass inspection, appraisal, and have a clean title. This process can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the loan type and mortgage lender. Each phase of this process works together to get you the clear to close and move in!

Accepted Offer


Title Search



There may arise a need to renegotiate terms if defects are discovered during an inspection period or if the property does not appraise. If an amendable agreement is able to be made between all parties involved and any repairs or concessions are made, this information will then be sent on to the lender to move forward with the process. Once you have gone through each phase and have been given the okay to close, the Team will schedule a final walk through of the property prior to signing any final documents. The final walk through will serve as an opportunity to make sure everything has been repaired, left behind, removed or left in good condition as agreed upon in the sales contract. 

Upon completing a successful final walk through you can plan on the final phase of the process, the closing. You will meet the Team at the title company that has prepared your closing documents (unless it is a mail away). After signing the final documents the sellers will provide you with all property keys, garage door openers, and access information. 

Congratulations! You are officially a home owner. Now you can move in and celebrate your success!

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For more detailed information on selling your home or preparing for the process, please view our resources page for links to articles and information.



If you need to be connected to a mortgage lender, title company, home inspector, attorney, etc., please view our PC Referral Network page and fill out a form with your request and the Team will respond to your request in a timely manner based on your personalized needs.

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