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The bigger the DREAM the more important the TEAM!


   Lacy began her real estate career as Coldwell Banker Wallace's assistant administrator in the Blount county division. She rapidly advanced to the position of lead administrator where she managed the clerical needs of over 40 agents. Eventually she  transitioned to a licensed agent and co-founding member of PLATINUM CIRCLE real estate team alongside her husband Warren Pineda, whom she met through the company. 

   Lacy was able to combine her management and organizational skills with her natural drive and previous marketing background to create the building blocks of a solid team foundation and brand. Much of the time Lacy is designing Platinum Circle's next marketing campaign and working on branding innovation. She is a very effective communicator and is often able to connect with clients naturally and pinpoint ways to meet their needs. Those who have underestimated her due to her kindness and professionalism, often find that she is a fierce and effective negotiator focused on attaining the highest and best outcome for the clients she represents.

   Lacy spent years living on the island of Puerto Rico where she learned Spanish and adapted to the island culture. This has served as a tremendous gift and open door to clients from many cultural backgrounds. Much of Lacy's spare time is spent with her husband Warren and her large family. She grew up in a household of 7 children and now has 13 nieces and nephews she actively spends time with.

   In the summertime you can find her and Warren boating at Fort Loudon Lake and taking the occasional beach trip. Oftentimes you can spot her mingling on the local music scene or crafting together the next big home improvement project. Whether she is painting her next art piece, designing a renovation blueprint, or creating a masterpiece for her next meal, she is consistently weaving art and attention to detail into everything she does.

   Lacy has overcome some of life's greatest challenges such as massive weight-loss, overcoming major food allergies, health setbacks, and most of all working through the loss of her special needs child. She believes that life's challenges mold us into who we are, and sometimes it is in working through those challenges that we find out what we are made of and can begin to grow. Her creative abilities make way for creative solutions to overcoming obstacles and her ability to overcome gives her the grit needed to help her clients through their time of transitioning homes.


   Warren began working with the Coldwell Banker Wallace family close to 8 years ago under the Farragut division. He received his formative real estate training from Claudia Stallings, who eventually advanced to managing broker and was named partner of the entire Coldwell Banker Wallace umbrella in the Knoxville area. Warren feels he received the highest quality of mentorship paving the road to success for himself and his team. Warren's dedication to learning, growth, and collaborating with the highest caliber of mentors in the area is clearly reflected in the previous success of his business as an individual and the current success and continual growth of his team. 

   Warren spent his youth living in the Rocky Hill area of West Knoxville. He later became a University of Tennessee graduate receiving his Bachelor's degree in Finance. He has played a critical role in the launch  and continuation of local Non-Profits and other organizations within the Knoxville community. He being Filipino-American, is also the president of the Philippine-American Association of East TN (PAAET), which aims to serve uniting the two cultures and empowering connections throughout the local community.

   Warren spends his spare time with family, friends, and doing woodwork in his basement. Warren is very involved in his special needs sister's life and is a role model for his 13 nieces and nephews. Warren also plays multiple instruments and is a singer/songwriter, so occasionally you can spot him plugging into local music gigs with his father who is a very popular local musician and artist, or performing some of his original material at open mics. If he isn't playing music he might be building the next shoe-shelf, bench, or piece of furniture harvested from fallen resources on his and Lacy's 5 acre home in West Knoxville. His ability to construct and design any object from raw materials enables him to hold a clear vision of the process allowing him to see real estate goals through to the end. 

   Warren believes in practicing gratitude even amidst challenging circumstances and choosing to focus on the best in others. His kind character combined with his firm negotiating tactics has resulted in a more positive experience for all parties involved during intense negotiations. The combination of Warren's skill-set, natural talent, ambition, education, and character are sure to make any client feel comfortable and confident with their decision to work with Platinum Circle.

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